Cooking Class Tuesday 2 June 2015

Come to Aida Camp on Tuesday 2 June 2015 (12pm-4pm) and learn how to cook the famous “upside-down”, the most popular dish in the Palestinian cuisine!

All proceeds from the classes will go to support 13 families from Aida and Al-Azzeh camps who have children with disabilities.

Preparing maqluba and Arabic salad (photo by Guillaume Petermann)
Preparing maqluba and Arabic salad (photo by Guillaume Petermann)

The menu includes the following:

  • Maqluba (the super famous upside-down with rice, noodles, vegetables and chicken)
  • Manakish za’tar (delicious home made bread with za’tar and olive oil)
  • Arabic salad
  • Home made yoghurt
  • Harissa (a tender and moist coconut yoghurt cake with almonds)
  • Arabic tea and coffee

If you want to book a place, write to us at before Monday 1 June at noon and provide us with the following information:

  • DATE:  [tell us the date you wish to attend a cooking class]
  • PARTICIPANTS: [tell us how many people wish to attend]
  • CONTACT DETAILS: [give us the emails and mobile numbers of each person who wishes to attend]
  • DIET REQUEST: [tell us if any – and how many – of the people in your group have special diet requests such as vegetarian or vegan]

If you want, you can also check our home stays programme! We are just learning English and also just learning how to use the email, so thank you for your patience with us. We hope to see you soon in our cooking classes!


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