Cooking Class 23 July 2016


loooooooooook what we have and come we would like to share you in our cooking class  at 10:30 am , just taste  then say what you want to say ,I know it sounds good  but with  your share will be fantastic ! ! !

Our dish for today is”makluba”, and also we have another amazing thing for you, Guess what?

We will do tour around Aida Camp after we will go to our big KITCHEN…





DSCF1499 (Small)

The menu includes the following:

  • Home made yogurt
  • Harissa (a tender and moist coconut yoghurt cake with almonds)
  • Arabic tea and coffee
  • Chicken and rice with vegetable.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        If you want to book a place, write to us at before 23 July   at noon and provide us      with the following information:
  • DATE:  [tell us the date you wish to attend a cooking class]
  • PARTICIPANTS: [tell us how many people wish to attend]
  • CONTACT DETAILS: [give us an email or mobile number]
  • DIET REQUEST: [tell us if any – and how many – of the people in your group have special diet requests such as vegetarian or vegan]

If you want, you can also check our home stays programme!



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