Cooking Class on Saturday 26 August 2017

Did you hear about warak dawali? Join us at our next cooking class on Saturday 26 August(10:30 am-14:30 pm) and learn how to prepare one of the most delicious Palestinian dishes!

All proceeds from the classes go to support 25 families from Aida and Al-Azzeh refugee camps who have children with disabilities.

Vine leavesStuffed zucchini
Warak dawaly

   The menu includes the following: 

  • Warak dawali and kousa (stuffed grape leaves and courgette)
  • Arabic salad
  • Helva (fenugreek seeds cake)
  • Arabic coffee and tea

If you want to book a place, write to us before Saturday  29 Aug at noon and provide us with the following information:

  • DATE:  [tell us the date you wish to attend a cooking class]
  • PARTICIPANTS: [tell us how many people wish to attend]
  • CONTACT DETAILS: [give us an email and / or mobile number]
  • DIET REQUEST: [tell us if any – and how many – of the people in your group have special diet requests such as vegetarian or vegan]

If you want, you can also check our home stays programme!

We hope to see you soon in our cooking classes!


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