Donations for ” Noor society for people with disabilities”

BBBServices provisions :
Medical services( center and home based)
Rehabilitation services( center and home based) :

  1. PT( Physiotherapy sessions)
  2. OT ( occupational therapy sessions)
  3. Pss ( Mental health and Perceived Stress Scale )
  4. OS( Osteopathy sessions)
  5. ST( Speech therapy sessions)
  6. Autism and difficult learning sessions
  1. Raise awareness sessions for community .
  2. Train activist: in the society to be able to teach people the trainings that we
    taught to them after finishing their training our and be able to talk about diseases and
    the way that we can help to encourage people to get train like them.


Improving the lives of children with special needs:

Drawing a smile for disabled children in Bethlehem:

you are helping us while doing your cooking class because we pay for the teachers from your money that we got from these classes, 80 % of the payment goes to Noor school and 20% goes to Noor WEG team work.

 Contact  us on email : / Untitled-7-01

We are a grassroots independent project created by and for refugee women from Aida and al-Azzeh refugee camps (Bethlehem, Palestine) who have children with disabilities and/or are solely in charge of our families.

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