Support us!

There are many ways you can support our small project, these are just some of them:

We hope to hear from you soon!

2 thoughts on “Support us!”

  1. Dear Islam,
    Is there any way that we can give to you online? If you have a bank, you might set up a PAYPAL account where money can be transferred more easily! Here’s their website!{adtype}&geo_region=NA&geo_country=US&ct=SMB&act=PayPal%20SMB%20Google&obj=Acquisition&ch=SEM&tt=TM&mv=google&PID1=s3eYnkLdE|dc;73129512008;paypal;e;;eu84e2fpi0&gclid=Cj0KEQjww42tBRCO-sfEiO3DvYMBEiQAHeqMKGDfQJrFnXeYRBu5uTKysdICQefENVi2I_b4YsAwgXUaAg8m8P8HAQ&mpch=ads&rftp=4&srce=cnvr&ercc=27722-205546-2056-2&spid=272402706242525423

    Thanks again for the wonderful stay! We enjoyed being with your family and eating your fantastic food!

    Peace and all good,
    Mary Ellen Haupert


    1. Hi,

      mary Now we have a bank card for the project becouse soon we will open a small school for disabled childen at the begining of April like 10 or a fter 2 days.

      so if you would like to help us in the tools or mony to buy them this our IBAN: PS04TNBC271700020550551000201.

      Thanks and we looking to see you again in Palestine


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We are a grassroots independent project created by and for refugee women from Aida and al-Azzeh refugee camps (Bethlehem, Palestine) who have children with disabilities and/or are solely in charge of our families.

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